Sound Design

Creating those special sounds that you can't find in a effects library, something from pure imagination. Thats the art of sound design. Through field recording, sound synthesis, or signal processing, we can create new worlds and add dramatic impact and complex textures to your project



The job of the sound editor is to place all the elements of the soundtrack Dialog ADR, Sound Effects, Foley, Backgrounds and Music together to prepare for the mix.



Background noise reduction, removal of pops & clicks, hums and buzzes even complex sounds in a recording, all of this is possible with new sound restoration technology. Make no mistake we are not encouraging you to intentionally go out and record bad sound, but if its already too late... help is on the way.


Re Recording (Sound Mixing)

The final stage of the process is the sound mix. Balancing all the elements the editor has created and bringing them together into a cohesive whole. All this while making sure that the end result is right for the needs of your project.


Traditionally a supervising sound editor is responsible for interfacing between the production sound crew and the picture editors, overseeing the sound editors, and then working with the mixer(s) in the final sound mix. We like to think of it as more than that. For any project large or small, we believe its very important to consult as early as possible in the process. If a plan can be made for sound, before it goes into production, the end result with be higher quality and probably less expensive as well. Please talk to us about making a plan for sound on your project.